George Floyd’s Brothers, Philonise And Rodney, Speak At DNC


George Floyd’s brothers, Philonise and Rodney, made a live appearance from their homes in Houston on the first night of the Democratic National Convention on Monday, and led a national moment of silence.

Philonise gave a heartfelt tribute to his brother George, who was killed by a police officer. His death led to a national uprising against police brutality, with protests ongoing across the nation.

“My brother George was selfless. He always made sacrifices for his family, friends, and even complete strangers,” said Philonise. “George had a giving spirit — a spirit that has shown up on streets around our nation, and around the world. People of all races, all ages, all genders, all backgrounds — peacefully protesting in the name of love and unity.”

The brothers were part of a segment the convention dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement. They were introduced by DC mayor Muriel Bowser, who came out attacking President Donald Trump for “fanning the flames of racism” while in office.

“George should be alive today,” Philonise said.

George’s brothers also named of other Black people who died at the hands of police officers — including those who “didn’t go viral.”

“Breonna Taylor should be alive today. Eric Garner should be alive today. Stephon Clark, Atatiana Jefferson, Sandra Bland, they should all be alive today,” he said.

“It’s up to us to carry on the fight for justice. Our actions will be their legacies. We must always find ourselves in what John Lewis called ‘good trouble.’ For the names we do not know, the faces we will never see, those who can’t mourn, because their murders didn’t go viral,” he said.

The brothers then led a moment of silence in honor of George Floyd, with the programming went completely silent for several seconds.

Watch the entire segment below.


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