My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax’s Prom Plans Are in Big Trouble


Prom preparations are put on hold in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax when Yukino’s mom intervenes, and Yui’s inner struggle continues.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 4 of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, “By Chance, Yui Yuigahama Thinks of the Future” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax’s prom preparations have been at the forefront of this season’s story so far. But things came to a grinding halt in Episode 4, “By Chance, Yui Yuigahama Thinks of the Future.” The episode doesn’t only put the season’s marquee event in danger, but also puts one of the series’ most important relationships in doubt while affirming another.

Following the success of the prom promotion session, Iroha and the Service Club members reflect on the event thus far. As Hachiman begins to plan out the next steps the group should take in planning the event, Yukino states that both he and Yui no longer have any obligation to help out and that she wishes to continue with her duties independently.

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On Hachiman’s suggestion, both he and Yui go shopping as Hachiman wants to get his sister a congratulatory gift for her getting into Sobu. On the way to the shopping center, Hachiman notices a MAX Coffee-themed vending machine. Uncharacteristically enthused, Hachiman begins taking pictures of it while Yui looks on, and decides to take a surprise selfie of the two of them. Later on, the two browse an apartment showroom and Yui invites Hachiman to sit next to her on a nearby bed, where the two talk about their childhood ambitions. Yui notes that all of Hachiman’s aspirations had to do with money, before revealing the same about her own. She then nervously tells Hachiman that she also dreamed of being a bride, before quickly segueing into a suggestion for Komachi’s gift.

The next day, both Yui and Hachiman are stopped on their way home by Iroha, who brings the pair to the school’s reception room. There, they find Yukino locked in a tense confrontation with Haruno and their mother. Yukino’s mother tells the committee that a small group of parents and alumni have voiced concerns over the appropriateness of the event, questioning whether or not it should be allowed to move forward. After both Iroha and Yukino engage Yukino’s mother to no avail, Hachiman notes that she puts on a nice and understanding exterior, only to dismiss people immediately after. The conversation ends when Yukino’s mother asks her to come home earlier and not work too hard on the prom.

After Yukino’s mother leaves the room, Shizuka reluctantly reveals that she will be leaving the school, catching the students off-guard. Hachiman proposes that the group take immediate action, but Yukino reaffirms that she wishes to handle the situation on her own. Haruno then scolds Hachiman for always acting like an older brother, but Yukino stops the argument and, looking somewhat dejected, asks him once again not to help her.

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The day after, Hachiman reflects on his conversation with Haruno following the meeting. As the two walk home together, she asks him what kind of relationship he thinks the three Service Club members have with each other. Hachiman answers that it’s a love triangle, to Haruno’s amusement. She then reveals that the three are codependent, and that Hachiman only wants to help Yukino because it feels good having her to rely on him. She then finishes by saying that Yukino must stop relying on others entirely in order to become an adult and that in doing so they’ll have both given up on the same thing.

As the flashback ends, the focus then shifts back to Hachiman and Yui as they ponder where they could prepare a congratulatory cake for Komachi. Yui suggests that the two go to her house, as she’s already asked her mother for permission to do so. As the two go back and forth, Yui gets a message from Iroha saying that the prom is at risk of being canceled. Hachiman immediately calls Shizuka and asks if he can do anything to help. When Shizuka asks him why he wants to, he mentions that he promised Yukino he’d be there for her, and that he still has to keep that promise to her.

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Hachiman notices Yui crying after he hangs up. Concerned, he offers to walk her home, but Yui tells him that they were tears of relief and brushes him off, assuring him that she’s fine. Hachiman then takes off for the school, but looks back briefly only to find that Yui is no longer there.  Yui hid behind a nearby metal fence, hiding herself from Hachiman so she could cry. She’s glad that she managed to stop her tears, as Hachiman likely would’ve stayed had she not. She once again remembers the picture she found of Hachiman and Yukino, distressed over its implications. She finishes off by saying that she wished she had cried longer so Hachiman would’ve helped her instead.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax might’ve opened up on Yukino’s issues, but Yui has been the series’ main focus over the last few weeks. Unlike Yukino, who has opened up about her problems, Yui continually struggles on her own. As Yui gradually comes to terms with Yukino and Hachiman’s relationship, she must also accept the realization that she will never have that same kind of bond with him. The series continues to further change and alter the dynamic between the Service Club members for good, and with a little more than half the season left to go things look to already be heading towards some major developments.

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