Quick And Easy No-Cook Dinner Recipes For Summer


America's Test Kitchen

No matter where you live in the United States, your weather is likely some degree of hot right now, whether it’s just a gentle melt or a face-blasting scorch. Either way, you probably don’t want to spend any time in the kitchen, much less stand over a stove or in front of an oven.

For these days, we’ve got 10 no-cook dinner recipes that require absolutely no heat. They’re made with fresh ingredients and zippy flavors, and they require very little effort ― if you can give a quick chop and open a can, you’re nearly at the finish line.

Check out the best no-cook recipes from some of our favorite cooks on the internet, from protein-packed salads (thanks, canned chickpeas) to crunchy spring rolls, cold noodle salads and more.


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